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About Paintball

The first known game of paintball was played on June 27, 1981. The first commercial paintball field followed shortly afterward, in April of 1982. Since then, paintball has grown to become one of the top extreme sports, with over 9.8 million participants annually in the U.S. alone, as well as millions of players in over 40 countries worldwide. The primary objective in the game of paintball is to mark players from the opposing team by shooting them with a small paintball capsule which leaves a bright biodegradable mark.

The GAME of paintball is a fun-filled game played by both new and experienced players. While the primary objective mentioned above never changes, the format of the game varies with your imagination. The most common format is “capture the flag”, in which there is either a flag in the middle of the field which must be advanced to the opposing end of the field, or a flag at each end of the field. The objective is to capture the flag from your opponent’s end of the field and return it to your end, while protecting your flag from the opposing team. Other games referred to as theme games, give teams specific objectives, such as defending a fortified location from attacking forces. We provide a fun filled environment for recreational players who want to have a good time and always separate the more aggressive tournament style players from the true recreational players. A 20 foot rule is enforced in all recreational games. Under this rule, you may not shoot another player if you are 20 feet or closer. The player must be given the opportunity to surrender.