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14850 E Reno Ave, Choctaw, OK 73020, USA
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Common Paintball Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked paintball questions. Got more? Call us!

What is the Minimum age?

Our 50 caliber guns, allow kids as young as 6 years old playing paintball.

Are Reservations Necessary?

Yes! It’s fast and easy! Book your reservation now using our Paintball on-line reservation service.

Small group? No problem!

We still prefer a reservation, even if just for a few people. Once you arrive you can choose to play privately or team up with another group for more action.

Can I sign a waiver for my siblings?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have anybody sign for an underage player unless it is the legal parent or guardian. To make this easier you can do it ahead of time by using our On-Line Waiver

Can we bring our own food?

Sure! Choctaw Paintball offers snacks and drinks but feel free to bring in your own.

Can we carry in a cooler? Decorations?

Of course!

How long do parties last?

It is completely up to you. Parties have no time limits so you can stay as long as you would like.

How long will 100 paintballs last?

That depends on you, I have seen 100 paintballs last 1 game or 10. More paint is available if you want to keep the party going.

Can we bring Alcohol?

Any consumption of alcohol must be cleared by management and an additional waiver may be necessary.

Can we bring our own equipment and paintballs?

We are a Field Paint Only facility, so no outside paint can be brought into the facility.

As far as equipment. We use 50 & 68 caliber mechanical guns for rentals. We welcome players with their own equipment, mechanical or electronic.

What should I wear?

You must wear an approved mask that will protect your face. A mask is supplied with all our packages. We recommend full-coverage clothing such as long sleeves and long pants. Our younger players prefer hoodies because it allows a little extra padding on the neck or back of the head if the hood is up.

Does the paint washout?

In most cases, yes. Some materials are more likely to be stained by a paintball than others and it is recommended to wear clothes that are considered expendable.