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14850 E Reno Ave, Choctaw, OK 73020, USA
(405) 390-1215

Field Rules

Safety Rules for Choctaw Paintball

  • Players must wear their masks at all times on any playing field.
  • Masks must remain on until the player completely exits the playing field through the designated gate in the netting.
  • If a player’s mask comes off during play, the player should cover his/her eyes with the bend of his/her elbow and yell “Blind man!” The referees will stop the game and help the player put his/her mask back on properly.
  • Barrel Covers:
  • Barrel Covers are mandatory for ALL paintball markers off the playing field at ALL times.
  • We do not permit the use of barrel plugs, squeegees, barrel swabs, sticks, socks or removing the barrel.
  • Barrel covers must be put on the paintball gun securely with the elastic band adjusted so that the barrel cover is firmly over the end of the barrel and not loose or dangling.
  • Players must employ barrel covers in all staging areas, safe areas, parking areas and when bringing their rental equipment to the front desk for service or to turn in.
  • Players with their own equipment may borrow a field barrel cover with the deposit of a photo ID or $5 cash; the ID or $5 is returned when the player turns in the barrel cover.
  • Players who need to clean or work on their own equipment must visibly remove or disable any air system on their paintball marker before removing the barrel cover or barrel.
  • Mask & Barrel Cover Warnings:
  • Players are given a total of two warnings for violating either the Mask or Barrel Cover safety rules. We strictly enforce these rules for ALL players.
  • First violation of either the mask or barrel cover rules results in a verbal warning and a notice given to the front desk.
  • Second violation of either rule results in a verbal warning, notice given to the front desk and the player sitting out the next game, even if the next game is the last game of the day.
  • Third violation of either rule results in the player being eliminated from further play for the day.

On the Field


Players are considered “out” in these games under the following four circumstances:

  • A paintball breaks anywhere on the player or his/her equipment
  • A referee calls the player out for any reason
  • A player calls “Hit!”, “Out!” or surrenders to another player regardless of whether a paintball broke on the player
  • A player walks through the field with his/her marker pointed above his/her head regardless of whether a paintball broke on the player

When a player is hit:

When a player gets hit by a paintball:

Get to a safe place where you won’t get hit again such as behind a bunker or tree

Check for broken paint.

  • If the paintball didn’t break, you are still a live player. Keep playing.
  • Call for a referee “Paint Check” if you cannot determine if a paintball broke on you.

If the paintball broke on you,

  • Call loudly “Out!” or “Hit!”
  • Put your barrel cover on and secure the elastic strap so that the cover is not loose or dangling
  • Walk off the field with your marker pointed above your head
  • Dead Men Don’t Talk – you may not talk to other players or give away positions as you leave the field or from the sidelines.

Courtesy Rules:

  • 20’ (Twenty foot) mandatory surrender:
  • A stationary player must surrender to an advancing player if challenged within 20’.
  • An advancing player must challenge a stationary player by saying “Surrender!” or “Take the hit!” if he/she is within 20’ of the stationary player.
  • An advancing player may knock on the bunker wall and call out the stationary player on the opposite side. This prevents the players from engaging in a point-blank encounter and falls within the 20’ mandatory surrender rule.

3-shot break:

  • A player may be called out by the referee if he/she breaks three or more paintballs on a single opposing player.
  • The player with the broken paintballs will also be called out for having broken paint on him/her.

No Blind-Fire:

  • A player who is “blind-firing” – that is shooting from behind a bunker without directly observing his/her target – may be called out by the referee. Blind fire may injure players, referees or spectators who may be in the target field and are not the intended targets. You must always look at your target when you shoot.


Rental Equipment:

  • Do not work on any rental equipment.Bring any malfunctioning rental equipment to the front counter or a referee on the field and we will fix it or replace it.
  • Do not pick up any paintballs off the ground. Paintballs pick up water and dirt easily and usually foul the equipment if they go through the paintball marker after they have hit the ground.
  • If you use ANY paint other than our field paint in rental equipment, you will lose the use of the equipment immediately. You will not receive any refunds.

Your Own Equipment:

  • All paintball markers must be speed-checked (chronographed) and set for no more than 280 feet per second (fps).
  • Players are responsible for chronographing their own paintball markers.
  • Players are entirely responsible for the maintenance and repair of their own equipment. We cannot ensure that players will be able to use their own equipment at our field or that we will be able to advise on or repair any player’s equipment.


  • Referees guide all of the games on the field and divide up the teams.
  • Games start when the referees gather all the players at the center of the staging area.
  • Referees will not hold game starts for tardy or unprepared players.

PCOC is a Field Paint Only (FPO) facility.