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School Trip and Events

Paintball School Trip & Events

Looking to plan your next school outing? Do you want to finally put the cheerleaders and football players on equal ground? Or maybe celebrate your child’s academic excellence? Look no further, paintball is the answer.

Want a great idea for a little fund raising at the same time? Put one of your teachers at the far end of the field, let kids get to take pot shots at the teacher for $1.00 a shot, and raise some money for the next event! That will make for a paintball school trip the students will never forget!

Or let the school event make you money buy creating a Fund Raising Event selling tickets!

It used to be that only the boys wanted to do paintball school trips, but especially now that we have the smaller 50 caliber paintball guns, all ages and all genders want to get involved. We’ve hosted many a girls soccer or volley ball team.


There are two different ways you can handle paintball school trips and events at Choctaw Paintball. You can book during our normal hours, or you can book as a private event during off hours. It might depend on how many people you are dealing with, and whether there is a specific time you are trying to book your paintball school trip or event. If less than 20 students, our normal hours might work out to be more cost effective for you. Larger groups would probably enjoy having the facility to themselves and not having to share with our general open play and other parties.

No matter what day, time or event you are trying to put together, we’d be glad to help you make it a special event for all the participants.